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Jaybird started out as a tattoo collector before becoming an artist. He has been tattooing in the Levittown area in Lower Bucks County for over 33 years. He saw his first tattoo when he was 5 years old. Immediately he knew he wanted to be tattooed. However, he never imagined he would become the tattoo artist he is today. He understood early on that tattoos set you apart from others - made you different - made you cool. But not until he attended his first Tattoo Convention in 1984 were his eyes opened to the possibilities that tattoos could become. Most Flash art was little pieces with limited color and detail. Over the years Jaybird has grown and developed his craft to customize his tattoos for the individual client. And while he is well versed in all mediums of tattoo styles, he prefers to be known for fine-line, traditional and portraits. Jaybird has lived his life in the Levittown area and has been married for nearly 40 years. He is also licensed in the state of Hawaii.
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